Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Get It Done" 2014

2013 was a good year, so what will 2014 bring.  Currently it is -2 so I am looking forward to getting through this week and hopefully warmer weather.  I am wearing an old old sweater and it is keeping me warm.  I just did my bucket list, my resolution is to floss more and brush 3x a day - keep it simple.

I am hoping to use this and make some hats, I have plenty of yarn.  Month of January is to make gifts that have a Christmas theme.  I made my tags already from 2012 Christmas cards.

Today is a busy day for me, enough lounging around, up at 5:00am and into the sewing room.
Did I tell you that I have a Accu Quilt Die cutter.

I love it and you don't need electricity just some muscle power.

I don't put all my holiday stuff away - I keep it around till end of January and then I work on Valentine's Day.  January is a month I clean up and donate to thrift shops and in February I buy from thrift shops and start the cycle all over again. 

Happy New Year, good health and happiness to all.


Library Quilt

Went to Grapevine Library in TX.  Saw a lovely quilt, sewing machine block is beautiful.