Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bee Wax

I love using bee wax for my needles and needle work.  Thanks to "Notforgotten Farm" blog.
My stitches are coming out extremely neater.  I love using my coffee mug warmer for melting the wax to a softer feel.

I brought some bee wax at Hobby Lobby and melt it myself.  I used a small old crock pot.  The smell/oder is so natural and the best part it is not overwhelming.

Love cross stitch at the moment.
 This is my own opinion and if you have medical reaction to bees,  I would consult a doctor.

Buzzing with excitement!


Cross Stitch for Hubby

I made this for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I gave it too him today since I had to do a finish.  He told me to make more, that is...