Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"House of Eliott" must see DVD.

Well "Downton Abby" is over for this season and the wait is difficult till next January 2016 for us in the USA.   But I just saw "House of Eliott" by Jean Marsh and Eileen Aitkens; sound familiar "Upstairs, Downstairs" creator.

I got my DVD from the library, great costumes, fabric, sewing machines, fashion, drama. love, history.  This has 12 discs, I was lazy and I cross stitched the whole time - I watched it in 4 days - I did take a shower.  

I loved the seamstress and you got to see thread holders,  how neat their sewing area were.  The area where they worked was minimal but the fashions were wonderful. 
Go for it, before the weather gets warm and we have to go outside, or wait till summer when it is so warm you have to hyphenate indoors.

Let me know what you think?  I am sure some of you have seen it many years ago.

Happy sewing!