Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I love my coffee and my husband makes a pot in the morning but by the time I get up it is practically gone.  So I have this great filter from World's Market.
Millita Coffee funnels have been around for a long long time.  When I was a little girl and went to Germany that is how they made their coffee and probably still do.  I love my electric boil kettle, put
a Millita filter in your funnel, measure your coffee (weak, strong) and pour the boiling water and in
a few minutes you have a great cup of coffee - and it is nice and hot.  My other machine is "Mr. Coffee" - I never did care for the Keurig brand machine.  My way is very inexpensive the funnel cost me maybe $4.00.

I just make a cup at a time but you can make a whole pot of coffee.  I still have to admit the peculator coffee was also wonderful Faber ware.

This is my own recommendation I have not been paid by any company.

Keep Cool.... I am back to knitting

I am making a pumkin scarf that I started last year and hope to finish it by the fall.