Monday, July 25, 2016

Date Night - 45 years

My DH & I were in Texas (hot hot hot) babysitting and we had a grand time.  Love playing games, Life, Monopoly (2 days) my grand daughter brought a hotel.  Memory card games had a 1000 piece puzzle & I was not able to put pieces together after the border.

 We have been married 45 years and it was a little celebration.  My husband has not asked me out for awhile so it was time.  The place has brick walls with barrels of wine surrounding you.  The music was perfect - Nick was his name and he came over & we had a wonderful conversation.  My brother in law is an entertainer, he was in the "New Christy Minstral" way back when.  "Everybody loves Saturday Night" - Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Linda Ronstad were originals in this group.

We are home in Nebraska and it is still hot, I am not a hot weather person.  Keep cool - sew.