Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Day

I have decided to show you what my day is like.  I follow lots of bloggers and I wish I had their energy - would love to spend a day with some of them and perhaps learn something.  My day are usually uneventful but it will be interesting to me.

I went for a lovely walk this morning - I need to do this more often.

My impatience are doing great this fall - we have lots of sun here in Midwest so I had to put them in the shade as much as possible.  I know on the east coast the stores wouldn't sell them because of a disease.     

I am reading "Twain's End" it is very entertaining for my book club.  It was a surprising subject.  
Yesterday I worked in my sewing room completed a quilt for church, went swimming, made meatloaf
and did a little house cleaning.  I was under the weather yesterday, I woke up very very cranky.

Hope you had a good day.