Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Love Mondays

Weekends are great but boy do I love Mondays.  I had three projects going at one time, my quilt as a gift, sweater that I got at a thrift store that I had to need restore the bottom of it.  I am knitting a whole new bottom the top of the sweather is black red and white stitching and so pretty.  I still need to knit two panels still.  I also brought a beautiful blouse at Goodwill, it is too large so I had to take it in.  Take it in, that is nice to hear.  Enjoy the holiday, I am watching a series on "Ranching" lots of hard hard work but I think I would have made a good rancher's wife. I would love the nature

Library Quilt

Went to Grapevine Library in TX.  Saw a lovely quilt, sewing machine block is beautiful.