Monday, July 25, 2011

Love Mondays

Yesterday i did not finish my WIP so I need to do it today - this is for cross stitching for WOCS. Probably will need Tuesday also. The weather is warm and it is a good day to stay inside. I do need to clean - at least vacuum. In June I made some Strawberry jam and I have given it as gifts to family when I was in NY. I should have made more. The vase is blue and white and German mustard came in it. I have also one in red and white.

Summer is all about water, I have had wonderful summers at Lake Wallenpaupak in PA.

I shouldn't complain about the heat, it can get cold in Omaha

Cross Stitch & Card with a hexie

Love Black Bird Design, lots of stitchers are doing this pattern.  The book is worth it. Picture does not do this card justice, I hav...