Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quilts in a Cafe.

Groupons, are great I received one for my Birthday 2 months ago for "Heartland Cafe" in Elkhorn, NE - five minutes away.  The food, coffee and breakfast were wonderful. Off to the side is a party room and the owner Mary Krivohlavek  makes quilts.  I would love to share her  Quilts.

Isn't it amazing the cafe has been around for quite a few years and I just discovered it.  Groupons have been very sucessfull for small businesses. Have you ever used Groupons...I brought one for a coffee shop I paid $10.00 and I got $20.00 worth coffee.  One quilt shop in Texas got 700 Groupon orders.
I am up at early 4:30 this morning have and have lots to do for Christmas, I can't procrastinate any longer.

Cross Stitch for Hubby

I made this for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I gave it too him today since I had to do a finish.  He told me to make more, that is...