Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Independent Book Store Quilt

I love going to Independent Book Store, I went to Roanoke, Texas when I visited my grandchildren.  They have great books, great coffee, treats, a patio and a stage for entertainment on weekends.  By the stage they have a quilt hanging.

 A view of the gift shop from upstairs.
The name of the book store is "The Book Carriage", after you go there you can take a nice walk down the street to restaurants and gift shops/thrift store - brought a large glass jar for $3.00 (Container store sold them four $6.99.   The book I brought was Franklin & Lucy, President Franklin has many women in his life - I have read many books about FDR but this has a different twist.

Have a great day, it is raining today and my email isn't working (on my way to Apple store).

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