Friday, April 13, 2012

Scraps/Transitor Radio

Finally got to sew my scraps from church that have been in the bag for a long time.  Lets see how it will come out.

I finally made a wheel chair bag with orphan pieces, room for improvement.  Working on a very old sewing machine needs some tension adjustments.

Orphan Book mark for WOCS charity.

My husband went out and brought a transistor radio because we are under Warning for severe storms.  I remember when I got my first transistor radio - I held it up to my ear and beep bop.  We have three computers, Iphone and cell phone but the transistor will come handy (have batteries).  Walmart had advertise for about $10 but sold out so we went to Radio Shack.  Hopefully we won't need it.

Have a great weekend.   Less blogging I get more things done.

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