Monday, May 14, 2012

What is going on....

I traveled to Texas, stopped at Wichita, Kansas at the Marriott SpringHill hotel and swam all night with granddaughter as we were driving her back to Texas.  I ate at Chedders and the meal was great, my husband had ribs, I had a salad and soup.  The price is very reasonable.  It rained all day Friday as we were driving and that makes the trip hard, I felt very tired and so did my husband.  We slept, but we had the chills and sweats all night. My DH was not feeling well and I have to be careful he has diabetes 2, his numbers were not good.  All I wanted to do was go home in my own bed, we drove back to Omaha on Sunday still very ache and today ache and stomach issues.  I need chicken soup, I have been reading lots of bloggers with the same issue.  I will feel better tomorrow, please.

Cross Stitich Finish - Country Cottage

Country Cottage - Frosted Flake Series So much fun to publish. Frame was given to me by my sister.