Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where did I put the black fabric? Organize

Another day where I couldn't find my stuff, I have two sides to my organizing.   One my personal stuff and the other charity projects/fabrics.  I could not find my black fabric that I have brought a few times because I can never find it.  I only have a small amount of black but I am doing a shades of grey quilt and my squares need to be 10.5 inches so I thought a black border around my grey charms will look great. 

The next thing I knew I went through my stash and got organized and what a great feeling, I know where stuff is.  I accumulated a huge Tupperware of fabric to make at least 10 quilts with stripped blocks.  I just completed one and it came out great:

I have had this green fabric from church for a very long time, I accumulated fabric from the same era and it worked.

Now to get to that tub of strips.

Happy sewing, for me it is Super Sewing Day.


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