Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hexies - I just love to sew them.

Hexies are so comforting to me, it is so relaxing and you never know what the combo will turn out.
I love all these scraps.

Happy Happy Happy.  I will need 24 of them for my quilt.  Send me photos of your hexies and I will post them.

Whoopie please:

You can't see this but it has chickens and roosters on the blue fabric. 

The fabric with words/patterns is quite old/vintage.  Now fabric with words is very popular at the moment.
Quilts that were done in the past.  I am always thankful for the donated fabric -
such a blessing.


Cross Stitch & Card with a hexie

Love Black Bird Design, lots of stitchers are doing this pattern.  The book is worth it. Picture does not do this card justice, I hav...