Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Heart goes out to Oklahoma

I haven't been writing in my blog much since I was away and then the tornado hit Oklahoma.  I pray for everyone there and the children that lost their lives.  I live in the Midwest and we all prepare for these things. But a stage 5 tornado would be so difficult to prepare.  The schools in tornado ally need to have shelters, a section in Omaha is considered tornado ally also.   I lived on the east coast and hurricanes are different then the tornadoes.  I have a basement so I am lucky but many many homes down south do not.  My son goes into the closet or the bathroom. 

Oklahoma people are strong people and they help each other right away.  I pass through Moore, OK at least every three months - will be traveling through in about 3 weeks.  God Bless the Oklahoma Strong residents. 

I am working on a quilt that isn't coming out the way I want it to - so the sooner I finish it the better, it has put me in a bad mood.

Hug each other.

Library Quilt

Went to Grapevine Library in TX.  Saw a lovely quilt, sewing machine block is beautiful.