Monday, October 28, 2013

Working around quilts

I visited Accuquilt a few weeks ago and this is their headquarters.  You are surrounded by quilts.'

The reason I was there I brought a Studio Accuquilt for the church quilts.

 I am so Thankful, it is a blessing I have help for the church quilts for 2014 and I cannot keep up with the demand. I partnership with a Memory Care facility and the group looks forward to tying the quilts. I had 13 women last week. Now I can have kits ready for the ladies who want to sew quilts by using the Studio. I watched the videos from Accuquilt and I got to meet the staff and see them at work in the office.  I got to meet the CEO and he asked if I wanted to work there (I have no time). Next blog the blessing of quilts. 100 of them.
 Today is my birthday - going to the food bank and then have a lovely dinner at "Bravo". I had a dinner party Saturday with family and friends from the UK. We had steak and salmon, we all had a wonderful time but I am exhausted. Yesterday I was on the local TV show doing an interview in reference to the Home Fall show here in Omaha, Nebraska.

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