Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas continues

My husband does the wrapping and I embellish them.  I enjoyed doing these tags and so did the grand kids.  I got it from a blog - so credit to them, but I can't remember.

 I took some time to cross stitch these Santa.  This one is German.

This Santa is from Norway and I am doing Russia and Holland.  I got these patterns from my old
"Cross Quick" magazine from 1990.  I am always glad I kept these magazines.

I stitched this piece many years ago and I love putting it up each year.  Sorry for the glare in the photo.

My cards for 2013.

I buy my cards right after christmas but I don't think it is going to happen this year.  I am just tired of going to stores.


  1. I love your cross stitched Santas! I too buy my cards after Christmas, but I do it online. Last year I found a really great deal on cards I like (I'm very picky about the message in cards) and bought them online. Of course that doesn't mean I actually got any cards sent out this year! No kidding, I'm hoping to get them done while I'm recuperating. Thanks so much for stopping in this morning and leaving such an encouraging comment. xo

  2. I love the tags, where do you find them to decorate? Adorable! The cross stitching is awesome too. Will they go together in one project when you get them finished? I keep old quilting magazines too, even though I do purge occasionally. I see that now you can buy a year on cd, which might be a good idea, though not as fun as paging through them!

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I do also love the old dance movies and I am sure that your dad is close to you the next time you`ll be dancing.
    Happy new year !