Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine Cards/stitching

I am finally working on my  WOCS projects took a back seat on the quilts.  This organization cross stitch cards and we distribute them to assistance living residence.   I had lots of supplies on hand.

Inside of card - you don't see the stitches

My dear friend has one of those machines so when we get together I always cut out something and the heart works great for inside the card.  I also like cutting a template in the card to insert the cross stitch.

I did not do the cross stitching but I am helping with gifts for Xmas 2014, I had these tins for about 2 years and I finally got to use them.  I put washi tape around the cap of the tin and used leftover batting.

I am back to CS and I just love love it.  It is so relaxing for me. More to come in the next few days.  It is sunny here in Omaha but the wind is 40 - 45 - I don't like the sound of heavy wind.  My poor husband opened the trunk  and the trunk fell back on his head...ouch!

Have a great day.  Gisela

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