Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My favorite Christmas Photos

I am still in this Christmas in July theme.  I have been busy doing my church quilts.  I need to prep
20 of them by August 11.  I am going to have woman surgery so I will need to take it easy. My goal is to transplant bushes, clean house and maybe freeze two dinners.  End of July I need to go to TX - so I will need to get stuff done.  House is a mess at the moment.

While I am resting I  will read, cross stitch, and sew hexies (sounds fun to me, really).  My husband will do the cooking - he does really well.

DIL took this photo from Lauretzin Gardens Omaha

Love these photos from Neiman Marcus in Dallas
One of the quilts we are working for church.

Have a great day.

Cross Stitch for Hubby

I made this for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I gave it too him today since I had to do a finish.  He told me to make more, that is...