Monday, May 4, 2015

Busy Busy Busy!

I have been busy getting quilts done for church, Lutheran World Relief sent 10,000 quilts to Nepal;
that is why I make quilts at home.  Today I went to the memory care facility and the ladies helped me tie the quilts.  The crew just come out to help and they are so so happy and fast - 7 quilts tied in 30 minutes. I know they appreciate all the work put into the quilts.

I made some bags, cell holder from mixed bag of cross stitch pieces - they were fun to make.

Took the grand kids fishing - didn't catch anything but we had a great time.  The lake was busy.
Worked in the garden and had lots of aches and pain, went for a good swim today and that helped.

I am not writing that much on the blog recently since I am busy, but you know what - I think you are too!

Happy Day....

Library Quilt

Went to Grapevine Library in TX.  Saw a lovely quilt, sewing machine block is beautiful.