Monday, May 16, 2016

Binding on Charity quilts.

The first quilts I worked on for charity quilts I would serge the trim on the quilts.  I wasn't happy with the way it was turning out but hey we did about 80-100 quilts. 
On my personal quilts I always hand stitched the binding.

Then I learned to machine sew the binding, we would make the back 4 inches longer then the quilt and fold the fabric and zig zag the binding.  I have to be honest my stitches were not that great.  The
walking foot came in real handy.

I serged these quilts and I tried to hide the borders of the quilts.

I made bindings for personal quilts.

Mug Rugs this is where I learned hand stitching my bindings.
For 2016 I am hand stitching my charity quilts - when I sew them by machine 'yes' it takes about 2 hours but it just doesn't come out correctly - they buckle.  I cannot put my feeder down on my machine; the walking foot helped a lot but still not satisfied.

At night I love to hand stitch so I decided to hand stitch my charity quilts and I was hooked.  It takes
2 nights to complete my 60 x 80 quilt but I am so happy doing it - it calms me down.

Happy Stitching!

Library Quilt

Went to Grapevine Library in TX.  Saw a lovely quilt, sewing machine block is beautiful.