Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Garden

It happens every August - I work very hard and then the heat in August get so bad I can't keep up.  At night it is still 90 deg.  This year we did not have rain until yesterday, we did not have rain for 2 months and no matter how much you water it is nothing like rain water.

Roma tomatoes did very well, I canned lots of tomatoes - it will taste so yummy when December comes around and I see snow in my garden.

Usually my coleus is so huge but I take what I have.

I should have planted more Zinnias  they do so well here in the Midwest, planted by seed.

The orange flower is a Mexican sunflower - it did really well in my garden, I planted this seed for the first time.

Cosmos' my favorite didn't bloom we had this terrible beetle eat so much of my crops.
I had one of those bags to catch the beetle and I had thousands of them. 

I can't complain but the poor farmers will have a tough time, we had warm weather and the farmers got their crops in early and the heat was great but it did not help them in the end.

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