Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Garden

It happens every August - I work very hard and then the heat in August get so bad I can't keep up.  At night it is still 90 deg.  This year we did not have rain until yesterday, we did not have rain for 2 months and no matter how much you water it is nothing like rain water.

Roma tomatoes did very well, I canned lots of tomatoes - it will taste so yummy when December comes around and I see snow in my garden.

Usually my coleus is so huge but I take what I have.

I should have planted more Zinnias  they do so well here in the Midwest, planted by seed.

The orange flower is a Mexican sunflower - it did really well in my garden, I planted this seed for the first time.

Cosmos' my favorite didn't bloom we had this terrible beetle eat so much of my crops.
I had one of those bags to catch the beetle and I had thousands of them. 

I can't complain but the poor farmers will have a tough time, we had warm weather and the farmers got their crops in early and the heat was great but it did not help them in the end.

Cross Stitch for Hubby

I made this for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I gave it too him today since I had to do a finish.  He told me to make more, that is...