Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Quilting- husband in Seattle

I am working on my quilts for church, we got lots done yesterday we sewed middles and backs.
My friend brought in boxes of goodies.  Thanks to her and her beloved mother we have such beautiful fabric.  I loved working on scraps, we do a simple pattern but it works.

I am thinking I should have gone to Seattle with my husband but I am so anxious to get the quilts done for church - we have to sew up about 30 of them, I have done 10 already.  I have 4 personal quilts that I need to do (which will take quite a long time for me).
Love light houses in Seattle:

Love the ferry boats, I could go back and forth all day, Mukito.

Life is good in Seattle.

Miss having seafood at Arnies. 

Next time I will make it.

Have a great weekend.



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