Friday, August 16, 2013

New Tool and Love it! Hexie

My first hobby has been cross stitching, then scrap booking, knitting, quilts and I was going to do jewelry making and then I told myself "NO".  I brought all the jewelry back to the store. 

I brought this at Archiver's and it makes envelopes - I have a shoe box of envelopes (all white) but now I can make them look like this:

I have lots of scrap booking stuff that I never have to buy anything.  Just beware the post office wants you to use a label on the envelope.  Also,  envelopes that are square you might have to pay extra postage.

I also brought the hexie tool, yes I have the "GO" hexie also.

I also made some cards which was a kit.  I love hedgehogs.

The cards were  fun to make.

I am also knitting:

Making a scarf for football season.

The days are not long enough for all my projects. What are your hobbies?


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