Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas decorating is done.

I just did my dining room this year, I did not put up my village.  I had company tonite and that will be all the entertaining for this year, no family.  I use to decorate for 2 weeks but then I had to put things back in the attic.

I made a mess out of my feather tree I should have put the ornaments on neater and no lights but it is what it is.  The decorating when very fast and easy.

I am glad it is all in one room.

Now I can relax and enjoy and do the following - cross stitching (Christmas theme patterns), cut fabric for 2 new quilts, read,  hexies, yo yo's and knitting.  I did a wool candle mat but I have to finish stitching the design on the mittens.

I am half way to 3/4 done with gifts, my DH does the cards - we cut back a great deal last year.
Advice to everyone out there don't get stressed out and spend money you don't have; it is not worth it.

Cheers and God Bless!.


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