Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm bad....

I like to buy presents to myself at Christmas and for some reason I wanted to buy more but I said no.
Fabric is on hold till 2014.

I had to buy these deer from Pottery Barn - they are salt and pepper shakers.

My husband brought me this mug 32 years ago at Hallmark.  It was expensive.

I brought this egg holder at Anthropology - you can use it for lots of things.  I use it to hold eggs before I bake.


My to do list:
1.  Wrap 4 more presents.
2.  Go to the gym.
3.  Make barley soup, sausage and peppers
4.  Bake cookies.
5. Sunday celebrating Christmas.
6. Monday - luncheon
7.  Make Christmas tags from old Christmas cards.

Happy Christmas,


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