Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Reading

 This maze is being set up in London for the Olympics, the book store I went to was almost a mazed.

Books are such an important part of my life, I went to a used book store in downtown Omaha and I was happy happy happy.  I brought The English Country Cottage by RL Brown, history book.
I also brought "Bobbed Hair - Bathtub Gin" -  love anything that has to do with biographies, opened the book and these names popped up, Dorthy Parker, Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda, Edna St. Vincent Millay - so far the book is very interesting.
I also got a copy of Sunday Morning Quilts, you see this book everywhere and 'yes' I need to put the cover quilt on my bucket list.

I also read Michael Pollan book "Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plants" - I really really agree with what he says but it is difficult not to have a sweet every once in awhile.  I am glad I compost and have a veggie garden.  Go to your local Farmers Market.
Happy Reading - so much knowledge out there and I love my library.

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