Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall table runner and decorations

I finally finished an item in my bucket list - applause (it was from my first quilt class - Quilt Academy !).  It turned out well.

see the small gourd I painted

My fall decoration on front of my door.

Had a dinner party and took in the last of my zinnas, we had a hard frost last night.   I have lots  of green tomatoes, some are ripening in a paper bag with an apple and some tomatoes on the counter.
Menu: salmon,  filet mignon, fresh carrots, yukon gold potatoes, brussels spouts w/bacon, rolls, pinot noir wine, grapes and apple crisps.  We had a great time. (those little pumpkins I have all over the house they were from pottery barn.)

I also put out my apple house, I have lots of odds and ends in my storage and I didn't forget to take it out.

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